This is JOCO

Dear diary?

Zack here. Sometimes people are confused as to what I do "for a living". The answer is JOCO. What is JOCO? That is the better question. JOCO is whatever it needs to be in order to bring people hope. 

A few years back when I was at my lowest point, I walked past an empty dark room, and in that room there was a huge poster that read "there is still hope". That phrase has been ringing in my ears ever since. Fast forward3 years and I decided to start The Joseph Company.

The Joseph Company, now referred to as JOCO Hope, is a school fundraising business. We work with groups and schools that need to raise money by helping them sell our greenhouse products throughout their community. Learn more at

After a few very successful years with JOCO Hope, I decided I can be doing even more to spread hope. Thus JOCO Brand was born. I worked tirelessly to get JOCO Brand to a point where it was ready to launch. I want JOCO Brand to further my vision of spreading hope by giving people a powerful, conversation sparking shirt to wear, and also by donating a portion of each sale to charities that support students in need. 

As long as people need hope, JOCO will continue to expand it's horizons. 

How long should a blog be? The end.